I think video games are just another interest, just like the great outdoors, books, TV, theatre, art, film, fell running, cycling, going to the gym or whatever. At its simplest playing a video game requires far more interaction with what you are doing than say watching anything on TV. Or reading a book come to that. Oh and it is possible to like all of these things - be outdoorsy and read books and watch films and play video games and cycle and fell run and go to the gym

I think it was Gambatte calling the Switch expensive junk that riled me . In the same way that there’s always been be lots of crap things to do outdoors, crap books to read and crap TV and films to watch, yes there are also lots of crap video games to play. But the very best video games can be super creative works of art, beautiful, super clever and stacked full of puzzles and problems to solve. And arguably Nintendo perhaps are the masters of the art