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Thread: Champs races 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    I will not be on the start line at Bradwell on Saturday now.

    Two reasons, the first being memories of Alderman's Ascent last year when it was far too hot, especially for a short race and secondly, my sister, on holiday from Australia, wants me to give her a guided tour of Cadair Idris.

    Not a difficult choice to make and I am already looking forward to a dip in Llyn Cau
    I am also fairly doubtful for Bradwell now, but I will wait until I see the weather forecast on Friday before making a decision. But this sort of high-pressure system is usually stable, so I'm not expecting today's forecast of very unpleasantly hot temperatures for Saturday to change. My version of Llani's Alderman's Ascent experience was the Pen y Fan race in 2018; I felt OK during the race, but then lay down in the finish field to quietly expire, until some kind person poured cold water over me.

    Unfortunately my relatives never ask me to take them up mountains, so I will probably just stay at home and try to keep cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    Sorry to hear that Llani.

    I'm still clinging to hope that i might make it. After a decent run in a similarly short race last weekend, it would be my last roll of the dice for some champs points... as i imagine the lineup at Langdale in October will be pretty formidable regardless of it being the final race in the champs.

    I do fancy my chances at Black Mountains in September though in the British Champs. As i mentioned a couple of pages ago, British Champs races don't seem to have quite such a deep field... and given my good knowledge of the course, and i'd expect a relatively small field for a champs race, i might be able to steal even some senior points there as well as v40.
    If I were a contender for vet points like you are, I'd fancy my chances on Saturday. Just by lining up fully hydrated and with half a litre of water on you, you're already at a competitive advantage before you've run a step.

    The info email which you may have already read states clearly that there is no kit, so who will want to burden themselves with water, which weighs in at more than full best practice kit? I reckon your rivals will be going slower than normal.

    I'll pack a strip of k tape in my kitbag in case you want it, it'll reduce the pain by half and the rest of it you can just man.

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