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Thread: Lakes Summit Snow Report

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    Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Not sure if this is the right category

    Very keen to get to the lakes some time in the immediate future for BG recce's etc can people in the area/know give any word on the going at the moment.

    Only 2 weeks ago it was still a case of breaking fresh snow on the Northern fells, is it the same all over or has a thaw started?

    It's a long day out (driving etc) if it's not going to be particularly helpful as a recce because of the conditions.

    If people could advise I'd be grateful...hoping to get up there on the 21st for a day out then potentially weekly thereafter.



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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Going downhill fast - until I fell over

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Thanks....I checked those the other week and whilst MWIS said 70% cloud free summits we were stuck in a whiteout

    You're right, on the ground reports are a bit more 'accurate' !

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Last weekend on Longsleddale/ Kentmere area lots of snow, hard work slogging up south facing slopes one minute running next breaking through.
    Northern facing slopes where nicely frozen.
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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    I was at Haweswater on sunday, and the snow line on high street/harter fell was aprox 2000ft, frozen and icy, couple of more warmish days since then, although freezing at night

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Hi Emmi

    As well as on here, might be worth posting on ukc

    maybe the week before you're planning to head up, indicating the summits for your preferred leg (I know ideally you would get info on all summits so you could chose which leg).


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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    again, not an up-to-date report, just my two pennorth from weekend before last

    did Dunmail-Pike O'Stickle in variable-to-bad visibility: not that useful as a recce, as you couldn't see paths or feel what the actual underfoot going would be like.

    next day ran Honister over to Wasdale. Companions then ran leg 4 (they got tround in six hours I think), while I went back up Gable via Aaron Slack. Clear & sunny, it was fine, but in high winds and bad vis it would have been a different prospect.

    Footing: mostly fine in mudclaws but occasionally a steep, slightly exposed stretch that's a bit frozen, and it's, 'ey up!'

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Great Idea emmi, I also will keep an eye on this thread, as hoping to get up to the Lakes on Friday 19th March...
    Scramble the rock face through the glare of morning sun to run

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Emmi, I was out yesterday (monday) doing the old crown round. There is snow in patches from about 500m which is hard on top in the mornings after the cold nights and sugary underneath. Where it has melted at lower altitudes and re-frozen there is quite a bit of ice too but it is avoidable mostly.

    Above about 700m there is much more, which again is hard-ish on the top and sugary unconsolidated yuck underneath. Most of the time you are breaking though the crust.

    I had my spikes with me as well as an axe, and used the spikes on the back of blencathra (although it would have been ok without with care it was faster to have them on!), but Skiddaw was fine. The most important thing it to watch slopes for avalanche potential. The back of Blencathra was not a nice place to be as there's a lot of snow on it and its been getting pretty warm up there in the last few days. OK but just be aware!

    Hellvelyn will have much more I would have thought - keep an eye on the fell top conditions report on the met office site.


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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Was out today over Grasmoor, snow was soft even on paths the exception being the path to the North of Scar Crags that goes to the col before Sail, someone had used crampons on there and I don't blame them, if I'd had my spikes I'd have put them on

    Its not really good for recceing as any lines are hidden under snow.

    You can see the Scafells and Gables here. Still a lot of snow there.

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