Has anyone else read the Gary Devine book by Boff Whalley, merging 80s/90s fell running with punk Rock?

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing was engaging, the story and history (of Fell Running but also punk) was well done. The main take-home for me was that the Fell Running described in this book is how it attracted me in the first place, 20 years after it was set, and still attracts me to the sport. Yes there have been some changes in the last 30 years, but these are due to modern pressures (and have been handled for the most part well and tactfully); the overriding ethos and meaning of the sport remains, IMO (though maybe I'm now just a sap for the FRA ) The book did a good job of summarising my thoughts on our sport and why I love it so.

The only 'downside' to the book for me is that it may lead to more 'in my day' talk by those past it or never had it of 'my' generation being slow, soft and lacking in characters. Trust me - there's plenty of stories of the later 2 and for the first, well classic old records are now starting to be revised.