I have been contacted by Jan Dingley as follows:

"I have a first edition (1985) of Bill Smith's Stud marks on the Summits which I feel could be better used by one of your members. I am aware of the discussions which have taken place about this book, its scarcity and whether this edition should be reprinted. I would like to sell this book as I am currently raising money for Mesothelioma, a terminal cancer caused by the misuse of asbestos and a dreadful disease which my husband recently died of. We both spent a lifetime 'on the hills' both running and walking and only a few months before his death Graham 'trained' to complete a Park Run!! Runner's dedication!!

Although this book brings lots of memories back to me and it's good to 'catch up' with runners from our past, I feel it is time to pass it on. I wonder if it would be possible to offer this book for sale to members of the FRA in the hope that we can increase our charity donation? It is in good condition given its age."

There are currently two copies of SMotS available to buy as follows:


Stud Marks On The Summits by Bill Smith - 1985 1st ed. scarce and collectable. | eBay

I have agreed with Jan to offer her copy of SMotS to the highest reasonable offer from an FRA member and am therefore inviting offers to me at [email protected] before the end of January 2022. Clearly Jan wishes to raise as much as possible for the Mesothelioma charity in memory of her husband Graham and we will reserve the right not to sell the book if there is no reasonable offer.