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Thread: BGR 2021 summary

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    BGR 2021 summary

    Happy new year folks!

    Here's the summary for attempts and successes on the Bob Graham Round for 2021.

    There were 281 registrations (40 ladies) with 142 successful rounds (17 ladies).

    There were 140 successful clockwise rounds (17 ladies) and 2 successful anticlockwise rounds (0 ladies).

    Fastest times were 12:59 for the men and 19:48 for the ladies.

    The average age of successful contenders was 38yrs 11months. The age of successful contenders ranged from 18 to 59.

    More info, a summary and tables at, details of individual rounds may be found at and the record lists at automatically reflect the updated data. The members page has been updated, the table showing support figures now has columns for the first and last member assisted, the range of years and how many years before/after their own round before they assisted another. As ever any missing data is listed at, corrections and updates welcome.

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    Thanks very much for that Bob. I have to say that the club website really reflects all the hard work you've put into it and I very much like that all the records have been consolidated and updated, it's the right place for that information to be be. I know from bitter experience that doing stuff like this can be a thankless task, but I hope you'll accept mine and Helen's gratitude. Thanks also to the rest of the club committee.
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