Back in the mists of time there was a key rite of passage to becoming a true fell runner. Drawing around your foot and sending the print off to P. Bland esq along with a cheque for 38.99. In return you would receive you first pair of Walshes, PB trainer or racer. Now, you could safely show your face at races, confident you would fit in as a committed contender.
Over the decades, brash new upstarts turned the heads of wannabe racers to the point that I would often be the sole runner sporting a pair of Walshes.
I worried that the company would not survive.
But recently, a renaissance seems to be happening. My personal choice of soshull meedja started bombarding me with ads for Walsh leisureware shoes, so much so that I caved in and bought a pair. And then, as I was walking past a swanky high end shoe shop in central London, I noticed that the window display was exclusively Walshes, produced in collaboration with the shop chain.
So hats off to the Walsh management for putting up a fight over their apparent demise as the number one choice of fell runners. Good luck to this new initiative.