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Thread: Other running forums?

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    Other running forums?

    I'm certainly not trying to divert any traffic away from here! But are there any other decent running-related forums that people frequent...?

    Runners World Forum: Terrible

    UKC Forum: Has some interesting stuff, and quite busy, but obviously most of the stuff i can't understand or relate to.

    It seems to me that this forum is probably the leading example of a decent forum for the more dedicated or club runner/racer.

    Are there any others? Or is it all Strava and Facebook now...?

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    The uphill athlete forum is well worth a look - numerous subforums about mountaineering, skimo, nutrition etc etc and one specifically about mountain running.

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    Letsrun forum is very active and has been going a long time. Probably the most used running forum in the world.'s American with a big focus on US college athletics, track, road and xc. Trail and mountain running does got a look-in, but mainly about UTMB, WS100, etc

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    Not so much a forum but I have found it to be a good source of info especially in respect of ultra running :-

    I have always found that for me there is a cross over with Ultra training and hill running.
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    I tend to lurk on UKC, but often find the responses to questions about training/nutrition to be quite old fashioned, lots of persisting beliefs that training methodolgies haven't moved on since the 70's etc.

    Whenever I've been to Letsrun it just seems to be people arguing about who is or isn't doping, or some other conspiracy theory. It makes the Brexit chat on here seem cordial and friendly.

    I like Irunfar for info/reviews, but I think the best for science based training advice seems to slowtwitch. It's a tri forum but has some proper elite and the add pro posting on there. There's alot of bike chat/aero marginal gains but some real quality run discussion as well.

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