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Thread: First, last and everything

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    Live in Brum, run in Worcestershire and Shropshire
    1. Anniversary Waltz 2012. I assumed I would be last but actually finished 181st out of 289 in just over 2.5 hours so was quite chuffed to say the least.
    2. The last race I did was Callow but I am pretty sure I've run my last Lakes AL which would have been Borrowdale 2015.
    3. It grieves me to leave out the LDMT as it is the one event that I aim to do every year. However some years are better than others and the one race that I think has it all is Buttermere Sailbeck - fell running in its purest and finest form.
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    1. Ilkley Moor 1987 (not the current short race).

    2. Whinbery Naze 2021 (my 6th consecutive V75 win in 2021 prompting me to retire from fell racing when still winning).

    3. Lingmell Dash 2015. In this final English Champs counter there were 7 V70 entries and I did the descent of my life to finish First V70 and win the V70 English Silver Medal.
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    1) Not counting lots of running about the fells before that and the Ben Nevis leg of the first 3 peaks yacht race my first 'proper' fell race was the World Cup open race in 1988 - on top of the world in a cloud inversion.

    2) Coincidentally to the above, Coledale, taking a tumble coming off Grisedale Pike and limping back bloody and bruised.

    3) Without question Jura for numerous reasons!
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    1) WMRA Masters Keswick 2005. I had done some Lakeland Trails events before that.

    2) Arnside Knott 2019 - I think.

    3) Great Lakes - I have done it twice, as well as lots of recces - a race with everything in it.

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    1) Anniversary waltz.
    2) FRA relays (does it count as a race).
    3) Jura. For more reasons than just pure running.

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    1. Blackshaw head 2018
    2. Turnslack 2021
    3. Probably ras y moelwyn for me, at least that's what sticking out in my mind. Out of my local races though it's probably got to be hoofstones as it has a lot of crap ground that I can move well over

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    Calder Valley
    1. Dunnerdale 1990
    2. A local 3-hour score event last weekend
    3. "The one race that has everything or means everything to you" - taking the second part of that rather than the first: Spine race 2018
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    1 Ennerdale Horseshoe 1983 finished 25th

    2 Wormstones NYE 2021

    3 Warslow Beer Festival. Tougher than it looks and run alongside the Beer Festival. Beer tokens as prizes, what's not to like!
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    1) Shining Cliffs near Matlock. Jan 2006
    2) New Chew. 13/2/22
    3) pre-2014 Rab MM. low key and just score courses.

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    1. Manx Mountain Marathon Apr 2006.
    2. Bowstones Dec 2021.
    3. Not really fell, but Bullock Smithy Hike - my first ever race in Sep 1996 and still just as magical in 2021.

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