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Thread: OMM Core Range

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    OMM Core Range

    Does anyone have any experience of using this gear?

    The vid says that the lighter weight - 75g lightweight material- "does need a bit of looking after to get the best performance from it" (is that code for delicate, breaks easily?).

    Does it work as promoted? I quite fancy the tights for wild camping, fast-packing, and maybe the sleeping bag liner. But if it's a gimmick I'll save me pennies
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    I nearly ordered one of the hoodies, but then saw it in the flesh and it felt like it wouldn't last. I could be horribly wrong about it, but it's not cheap and I don't have the pennies to be experimenting with random bits of kit.

    It felt like a good days tussock bashing, or a bit of scrambling would do for it.

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