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Thread: M.E / Chronic fatigue

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    M.E / Chronic fatigue

    Hope at the end of the tunnel.
    Almost 11 years ago I was almost put in a box with phnemonia. Recovery took months, taking over 2 years to return to the Haworth hobble. However it took 2 hours longer than before and felt dreadful. Slowly running became walking, walking got shorter, feeling rubbish a lot of the time. Being doctor adverse took me nearly 10 years to admit that I wasn't well. My doc is a fell runner herself, understood, tested me more than a ministry of transport vehicle inspection and gave me the dreaded M.E badge.
    Jobs bollosked then.
    2 years sulking.
    Stuff it, do some research, lots.
    Found interesting information.
    Within weeks walking back up to 18 miles, slow slow running to 6 miles. Don't feel wasted afterwards now.
    Apparently the problem is the energy production in the mitochondria within cells.
    No shortage of fuel, just cannot be accessed.
    Solution? Stop eating carbs, all carbs as much as possible. There is much more to this but a good starting point is Dr Sarah myhill who specializes in M.E/ Chronic /fatigue / long covid.
    Not felt so good in years.
    It doesn't seem so mad to think of the hobble next year, even the fellsman again......
    Short arms and deep pockets. A yorkshire man.

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    Great to hear that Pete!!

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