Logging in a couple of times recently I've been notified of a PM awaiting for me, which turned out to be spam. Here's a copy of today's spam:

"Captcha Solved from 6 Eur

Our Captcha Solver

* Captcha
* Google Recaptcha
* Avg. Response time < 1s
* 95% Solving Rate
* 0% CPU Usage
* Compatible with Any Software
* 1 IP Access API access
* Easy to Start
Starting at only
Eur 6.99

The best captcha resolution service.
We offer the best captcha resolution service on the market with the fastest and optimized resolution time for the maximum perfomance. As we have the quickest resolution time, we have the best prices and above all we will take care of the resolution by not using the resources of your machine.

Stop wasting money! With us, no limits!
No more companies that force you to load a minimum balance that in most cases will never be used. No more seeing your balance decrease with each resolution. With us you will have a monthly fee that will give you access to infinite resolutions of google recaptchas and captchas! Start a monthly subscription with us for infinite uses! "

Anyone else noticed this happening?