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Thread: herniated disc

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    herniated disc

    I have been diagnosed (following X-ray and NMR) with herniated disc on my lower spine in Dec 2021
    The old orthopedic who saw me (himself used to compete triathlon) says the ONLY thing he can recommend is specific physio exercise for core strength and mobility. I've discussed these with the physio and I've been doing them very religiously, minimum 15-20min EVERY day now for 7 months. Physio says I'm doing everything very well, and my core is excellent. But the only outcome is that instead of a painful hamstring (whole 2021) I have a painful gluteus.

    Amazing is that I can do everything apart from running. Very long cycling or walking, with huge climbing, and I'm absolutely fine.
    I also swim regularly, since years, like 2-3 times/week, 40-60min each time, bad swimmer but I just like it, swimming is supposed to do well for everything back related.

    Despite being very diligent with physio exercises I still got ZERO improvement.
    I also got 3 cortisone injections, absolutely ZERO effect.

    I know in some cases, like when the injury limits much what you can do, and everything else has been tried already and did not help, sometimes operations is done.

    Anyone here can share stories on herniated disc, with or without operation?


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    What happens when you run - presumably pain, but where, and after how long? Well done with all the core stuff, and it is good to hear you can cycle/walk/climb/swim.

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    During running (if at all I can call it running ��, barely 2miles, super slow) it feels not bad. After running, say 1hr after I stopped, pain comes. It stays anything from few hrs to 1-2 days, gluteus / lower back. .
    Days I don't run I feel 100% good.

    The good thing is I've been doing more cycling (especially), walking swimming than I would have done with no injury, it turned out I love them even more than I thought.

    Never mind core exercises are ultra boring. The real bad thing is although I'm diligent doing them, they haven't solved the thing, not yet at least ��, so perhaps I'm just waiting time without even knowing it...

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    I was hoping I would be able to say "why don't you try this ...." but nothing really obvious comes to mind. Presumably it is the intermittent shock of hitting the ground with every foot landing that is causing the problem. Cushioned shoes, running on grass, running on a treadmill, may help, as may running up a gentle slope.

    As to the core exercises - they have not solved the problem - yet - but they may well be stopping it getting worse.

    Hopefully it does improve with time.

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    Thanks for the good words !

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