Andy Berry (Keswick/Durham) set a new lakes 24h record on Saturday (00:00 - 23:59), taking around 21 minutes off Kim Collinson's 2020 record of 78 peaks.
Kim ran the 78 in 23h45m32s.
Andy missed his time cut to add peak 79 (Haycock), but sped up over the later section to finish in 23h23m50s.

Andy is coached by Kim, and started at Newlands (as had Fiona Pascall on her women's 24h peaks record, instead of Braithwaite), so got rid of the tricky Newlands section first.. It seems he struggled in the heat on the drop to and climb out of Langdale, but then got going as the temperature cooled higher up. He had a perfect weather window (which, having supported on many of Adam Perry's attempts in the past, is cheating - 18h weather windows were the norm for those!)