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Thread: Forum Future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by molehill View Post
    Sadly I am out of here for good, so I shall say goodbye before it shuts down on me. I have to accept I shall no longer run on the fells nor race, not that I did much of that anyway in the previous 10 years, prefering solo running. I should add I gave up FRA membership some years ago as it was very race orientated and I wasn't.
    Because of this count me out for the new discord site, it is as good a time as any for me to draw a line through fell running as I have little to offer now - other than "Back in the old days we.......".
    Had some great times on this site, back when it was booming with ridiculous humour and some great characters on here, sadly times move on and the past drifts away, I feel it time for me to cut the chord rather than dangle halfheartedly forever.
    I shall look in and may comment up until "shutdown", but take this is my official end, and happy days for all the rest of you and the future.

    Growing old sucks.
    Cheers. Hopefully bump into you when I fincally get to cycle from Rhandirmwyn!
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    I’m out as well, although to be fair I’ve been out for ages (aside from dropping in occasionally to disagree with the brainwashed GB news zombie folk)

    The forum really meant a lot to me in the glory years (which for me were probably 2007 to brexit) and I even fantastically found my now wife here (obviously in ye olde dayes when women actually joined in), but online group chat has moved on and the forum hasn’t and probably couldn’t. As I said before even Facebook with all its problems and bastard adverts still knocks the forum into a cocked hat

    I’m sure I’ll continue to bump into some of you, like Mike T the other day when I limped out of the Lakeland 5 Passes, although I’m guessing some of you will be too busy building your back garden survival bunkers in readiness for the UK going Muslim

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