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Thread: The future without a forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattPo View Post
    Hope to see you on Sunday Luke.
    Yeah, there isn't a lot that can go wrong for me between now and then.

    Track session tomorrow night, probably 8x300 off 100 walk, but whatever I do it won't affect my result, it might just sharpen me up a bit. There is a tenner for first V40 so on the run in I'll need to identify a spot to kick for home if I think I'm racing someone for the place. Go hard and go early I think, but the last hill might kill my chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris K View Post
    Infrequent poster, but often looking back for information, no idea what discord is but I'll pm my email as it sounds a great idea, thank you. I do hope the forum 'history' can be saved somewhere for reference too.
    I think it's really important to save the history (but maybe not in the "General chat" section). Just a few weeks ago, while I was contemplating going to a certain race, I found much better detail about the route from the Forum than on the race website.

    On a personal note, I can think of two threads that I have started which have become useful repositories of information. There's the "Women winning outright" thread, where many such instances, historic as well as recent, have been recorded by various people (even if recently I have been mainly recording 11-year-old girls winning outright). And there's the "Wales's oldest fell races" thread, where many contributors (including Wheeze and molehill) have provided information to help build up a picture of the early days of fell running in Wales.
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