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Thread: All LDWA events thread.

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    Jan 2007

    All LDWA events thread.

    Thought I might as well resurrect it. I know some FRA members have done their first events during the holiday, and planning some more.

    Anyone have a place on the Shropshire South Circular end Feb? It's been full for ages (180 max entry, I managed to get one); interestingly the organiser Neil told me that this year it is 40% runners and 60% walkers registered.
    Interesting statistics - so some of you must be coming along as well?

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    In the shadow of Ben Nevis
    Molehill, I'd love a place on the SSC and was quite shocked and disappointed when told it was full already Apparently it never used to get full so's all these bloomin' fellrunners starting doing it!!

    Me and Juicer did our first event over Xmas - the Marches Tinsel Trail - and really enjoyed it Can't wait to do our next one. And excellent training it was too....wouldn't normally go and do a 20 miler on such relatively flat terrain. Food and coffee/tea at CPs is something that should be introduced
    into fellrunning
    Loving life in the Highlands


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    I'm doing one at Hebden Bridge this weekend.

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    LDWA Event

    I'm doing the 22nd Two Crosses Circuit on Sun 14th of Jan - anyone else?

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    I was going to do it , but I've never run close to 18 miles, I'll probably just walk it with the wife.

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    hebden bridge

    im doing the hebden bridge event.

    looks like real navigational test.

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    Great idea Molehill. Gotta keep this thread going. One of the most inspirational threads for me at the end of last year

    Huwski - hi mate. Me and Mr1470 did go and do the Tinsel Trail that you pm'd me about. Had a superb day out. What others you planning? We'll probably go and do the Kaplin's Kipper one in the Peak District at the end of March.


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    I have just uploaded the entry form for the 2007 Durham Dales Challenge in June to the Northumbria group website: [NB new website address].

    There are 3 routes - 16, 28 and 52 miles. Runners are more than welcome.

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    Guiseley West Yorkshire

    LDWA - The 2 Crosses Event (Tottington) 25/18mile

    I'm aiming on doing the 2 Crosses on the 14th - 25 if my gammy leg holds out. I did a half recci last week end over Turton Moor and Entwistle REs from Hawkshaw - very boggy in parts. I may do the Eastern half next weekend. Where does the course go for the shorter option? Also where is the route from cp 3 - got lost there?

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    Dick Hudsons
    I'm doing the Hebden Valleys event and the Tandem the week after,any one else ?
    Nb checkpoints open at 5 mph schedule on Sat so no racing!
    I'm the one in the marmite top ,so say hello.

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