Christmas is coming
It's an annual event (OK it's only the second year)
But this time it has the backing of the pony club!
The recce is simple Leg one and Two of BGR starting at 7.30 am Moot Hall on the 23 December 2007 there will be a kit drop at Threlkeld where, any one just wanting to do leg two can tag on.
I know 4 so far that are up for this
After run then it's out in Keswick for FUN
You book your own accommodation sort out all your own s$%& and are requested only to have a go at two legs if your capable whatever that is we aim to do this at BGR pace 23.5 hour schedule, a possible alteration will be to come off at Doddick fell instead of Halls fell
If weather is bad a new lower level route will be worked out but it should be a grand day out.
Come on why not it's Christmas