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Thread: Cumbrian Traverse

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    Cumbrian Traverse

    I have just read Paul Murrays' account on the Horwich RMI's blog of his completion of Dick Courchees' Cumbrian Traverse. Can anyone point me in the direction of further information regarding the route and its 21 peaks?

    Hopefully I can add these to the notes I have for the Gerry Charnley way....given that I have some romantic notion that I will actually attempt them one day

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Cumbrian Traverse

    Huw if you send me a private email I will send a schedule of the tops/times. Unfortunately the file size exceeded the forum limit so I cannot post it as an attachment.

    I was hoping to do it this year but have had to postpone until next year due to injury problems.

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    Re: Cumbrian Traverse

    I do hope you're not thinking of partying on your own Huw
    When all else fails and your soul needs a lift - head to the hills

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