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Thread: The Rings of Fire, Galloway

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    The Rings of Fire, Galloway

    Does anyone know what happened to this event? It was a 42miler in Galloway, with a short route known as the Heart of Granite. I think it used to run in alternate years, and the last notice I have of it was in 2006. The contact name I had for the organiser was Colin Butler, but the eml address doesn't work anymore.

    I've had a few enquiries this year from people expecting to see it listed in the LDWA's Strider, but I can't find any current reference to it by Googling.

    Just curious.

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    Re: The Rings of Fire, Gallowa

    I posted this earlier , have a look for the reply on the search function . It's not on as an event but you can still test yourself over those Hills. Search Rhinns of Kell , malky and Yiannis replies answer it. Regards
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    Re: The Rings of Fire, Gallowa

    Many thanks. I've found the thread you referred to.

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    Re: The Rings of Fire, Gallowa

    Quote Originally Posted by MostlyLurking View Post
    Many thanks. I've found the thread you referred to.
    If you want to know the route of the last event two years ago, I can send you details as soon as I return to the UK in September. It is a long a tough course.

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