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Thread: Newbie! Looking for events

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    Newbie! Looking for events

    Hi Folks!
    Just came across this Forum Yesterday.
    I was off to the LDWA Rhayader Mountain Trail this morning but looking at the weather decided against as it looks shite over there Today.
    I have done quite a few LDWA Events in the past entering as a Runner (I Run a bit and walk a bit).
    Anyway can anyone point me in the direction of any other events of this type as the forthcoming LDWA events seem to be coinciding with other things like work or Holidays etc.
    I am certainly no racing snake but can keep going and am good in the mountains. Looking for the friendlier type events as opposed to out and out races.
    Anyway i'll stop waffling!
    I am from Midlands area!

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    Re: Newbie! Looking for events

    Alright Moscow. There's a thread on here somewhere for LDWA events which might be of interest. Most of the FRA calender is published on the homepage when Brett can be bothered to get round to it, so see what you fancy.

    Wouldn't worry about not being a racing snake. Very few are, and they're too far in front for the rest of us mere mortals to worry about.

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    Re: Newbie! Looking for events

    Hi Moscow - put the Fellsman on your long distance radar if you haven't already done it. It's in May and it's a cracker. It's race at the front end but a challenge for everyone else and the organisation and atmosphere is tremendous.

    Also try the Haworth Hobble and the Manx Mountain Marathon - at 31 miles each they may be a bit on the short side for you but they're both great events.

    The ultimate for me though is the Tour Du Mont Blanc 100 miles around Mont Blanc - awesome!!!

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    Re: Newbie! Looking for events

    Thanks for the reply guys.
    I will look at all these options!
    Don't worry about 31miles being a bit short for me it's far from that.
    I have done the HPM a couple of times and that is certainly enough for me (at mo anyway)
    Thanks again guys!

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