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Thread: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc 2008

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    Re: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

    It probably tells you somewhere but how big are the drop bags? I can then try and get stuff organised beforehand.

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    Re: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

    Assuming the bags are the same - about the size of a Tesco bag for life. Easily get in change of clothes including shoes and loads of food in each one if you want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IainR View Post

    How much of your own food do you set off with? any? a few gels? an assortment of food?

    First aid: Can we get access to vaseline/lubricant en route or do you carry enough for the whole run? Also compeed type stuff?
    Last time I carried some of my own food (energy bars / dates etc) from the start. At Cormayeur and Champex I left some more food to eat their, and some to carry with me. You could get away with taking none of your own but I found the supplied food in 2005 not to be the best. So I would recommend it. The small amount of extra weight for a couple of energy bars and some gels won’t make much difference. But will subsidize the food on offer, of which the choice is to some degree out of your control (unless you have someone support you).

    Water can be got at the checkpoints, of which there are plenty.

    Any first aid stuff or things that you specifically want I would take for yourself . I.e. some foot care stuff at Cormayeur (it is a long decent on hard ground down to this stop as well).

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    Re: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

    I see Scott Jurek is running this end of the month.Makes Dean Kamazer...whatever his name is(ultramarathonman),look like a club runner !!

    Just seen FITC mentioned him pulling out of last years race !! I told you he was good :-/
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