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Congratulations Llani on your V60 prize!
Thanks Travs, I didn't know as not being on Facebook couldn't find the results. A bit surprised, as I was half way around before my breathing settled down.

Having said that, I really enjoyed it. The rain kept off but it was very windy and cold on the tops and the ridge run, in the last 3 miles, up to Hope Bowdler and beyond to Battlestones was into a headwind.

Very soft in places but overall great running and perfect for my Mudclaws which never missed a beat. It was a shame that the usual pre/post race minglings could not take place due to the Village Hall being unavailable but still an excellently organised/marshalled event.

My only complaint was that there was a runner with a dog, even though the event says no dogs due to livestock being in some fields and I'm sure FRA rules do not allow it.

Not being happy with starting at the rear, out of the way, the obviously very important black labrador owner lined up on the front row of the start line and was off like a rocket. I was further back in the field but I am certain that some runners would have been held up/obstructed in that narrow muddy lane shortly after the start field. I overtook them coming off Caer Caradoc.

It was a beautiful dog and having two Springers of my own love dogs but I do not have the arrogance to expect others to have to put up with them. Some people are the same with their children. If you want to race with a dog then do that Canicross or whatever its called.