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Thread: Lost

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    Re: Lost

    Blimey, a thread enntirely peopled by 3 peakcxers

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    Re: Lost

    Were you with a group of four we passed as we came off Hellvellyn? It certainly was a cracking day, fantastic light, bit slippy on Swirral. Sorry didn't see any GPSs lying about yesterday though.

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    Re: Lost

    yes I was... four people and one very furry dog.

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    This is hairlarious (hit the play button on the left of the webpage)

    Strava flybe of Wed night run??

    The route is anti clockwise with a Up/Down section of Djoyce

    The race director's comments

    Glad most of the runners enjoyed the race, even if things went a bit wayward in terms of routes followed. A huge thanks to all the helpers and marshals too.

    The early start went wrong almost immediately - the instructions were clear enough I thought to follow the fire road for the first part, but it seems one runner saw the tapes (where the end of the course comes back up the hill, 60 metres from the finish) and went the wrong way, the other runners all followed...

    Possibly something similar happened at the top of the steep descent. The tapes were there alright, but a lot of people missed them. This is something that seems to happen most often when the race route leaves a large trail to take a smaller one - runners aren't expecting that, one misses the tapes, the others follow. I had mixed feedback (all of it constructive) - some saying the few bits of tape is not adequate in that scenario, others saying there was nothing wrong with the marking at that junction.

    This raises questions. The current marking guidelines expressly advise against taping across junctions. Experience shows that tapes across junctions are much more likely to be removed by well meaning walkers and the like. Perhaps we should have exceptions for junctions like that? Put out a sign? Easy to say, a pain in the arse to do - more to carry, try driving something into a hard surface to fix it to! Prop it with rocks? A windy evening and it's gone or moved, which might be even worse...
    Put a marshal on the junction? OK if your marshal can actually find the spot!

    Anyway, learnings for next time.

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