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Thread: Lakeland Classics Trophy

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    I'll be aiming to score a place in the LCT this year. These are the races which initially made me want to get involved in fell racing, although to my shame I've not yet competed enough LCT races in a year to score. But I'll be making sure this year. Ennerdale entry already sent off. Buttermere was to be the 2nd, so I'll have to do Borrowdale again this year (never a chore), and finish off with Langdale. Particularly looking forward to Ennerdale and Buttermere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ba-ba View Post
    Thanks for the information and I understand the decision and Graham's reasoning.

    Were it solely about supporting poorly-attended Lakeland races then surely Lingmell Dash would be in (13 finishers last year despite the publicity of hosting a champs race a couple of years ago) - although this obviously younger so not as traditional as the big jobbas.)

    I appreciate your comments but it is slightly mischievous of you to throw Lingmell Dash into the mix.

    It's a lovely race, although my great affection for it might be coloured by my being First V70 when it was an English Champs counter, but it is a Short race and the LCT is all about Longs.

    As you know!

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    Yes was slightly tongue in cheek! Lingmell was also my best ever short champs result and I even held Mr. Mason off into the funnel!

    There are other Lakeland longs with reduced numbers, some in the LCT style, some not, that sometimes suffer reduced numbers - Great Lakes, some of the more eastern ones (howtown, Helvellyn and the dodds?). I see Pete Blands started another series in 2017, more focused on middle distances. We could get to a point where every race is in a series though which would be daft!

    Bill - thanks to you and Ben for putting Buttermere in the LCT (normally!). The numbers the first few years did put it at risk like Ennerdale and Wasdale were when the LCT was started, and it's good to see numbers at it creeping up. It is a hard, honest but enjoyable bugger - much like the former team-mate of mine it is run in memorial of - that deserves it's status.

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    Some apparently 'reduced numbers' races are actually running at capacity. Entries are restricted by lack of car parking, access, landowner permissions, available marshals/officials, etc.. My point being that not every race needs publicity and promotion to survive. Each race needs to be considered on its own merits and characteristics. Sometimes popularity is what kills off a race, e.g. some Kendal Winter League venues.
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    Excellent stuff. It was these 'Lakeland Classics' that inspired me to take up fellrunning back in 2006. I frequently find myself re-reading the original fellrunner article from October 2001 to remind myself of the special history of these races. The article also serves to show just how successful the LCT champs has become. It is to my greatest delight that CFR has included Ennerdale in their club champs races. I hope, from a local club perspective, this marks the beginning of an increased interest from the younger generation in the longer races. I welcome the addition of the Daz H race into the LCT and the decision to rest certain races, although I understand the views of those such as Ba-Ba who have a busy racing season ahead. For me, getting 3 qualifying races each year and seeing my name on the LCT finishers list is about as much as I can cope with! Well done to all involved with the LCT.

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    I've been trying to look at the Lakeland Classics Trophy website for a few days and I keep getting the message "Your connection is not private" and "NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID" which seems to imply the website might have been hacked. Anyone know anything about it?

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    Not hacked; that is to do with the new security settings in Browsers. Have you tried other browsers FireFox or I.E?

    Google NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID you will find work arounds.

    I got in OK on Firefox, but I had to accept the security risks.

    The programmers need to update the site to work with the new security settings.
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    Ah, right, thanks Pat. Yes, both Firefox and Edge allowed me to get in after accepting the risks etc.

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