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Thread: Saturday or sunday

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    Saturday or sunday

    With so many people working on a saturday(myself included) these days.Is there any other reason,other than tradition,that so many races are held on a saturday rather than a sunday ? I understand that alot of older races are linked to local village shows etc held on a saturday,however i find all this does is increase the parking problems.Not only does this prevent competitors from turning out,but also marshalls and other helpers too...
    Just a thought ..........

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    I hesitate to suggest it in this day and age - but it couldn't be anything to do with religion, could it??

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    I like races to be on a Saturday because you can do your long training run the day after (although I can't really because I'm not fit for much nowadays the day after a race).

    I can see that Saturdays are a problem for lots of people and maybe Sundays give more people an opportunity to race.

    If Joliver J reads this I like Saturday races because it leaves Sunday to be with the family.

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    Road races tend to be on a Sunday, maybe that's a reason too. I'd rather have a few more Sunday races mainly because it clashes with playing football on a Saturday.

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    Saturday racing suits genuine athletes like myself. It means you can race during the day, then have several beers in the evening and recover on Sunday.

    Also, my partner works on Sundays which means I have to find someone to keep an eye on 8 year old Emma whilst I'm racing. (Many thanks to the fantastic Pennine people who do this for me several times each year).

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    From a personal perspective, I'd welcome more races on weekday evenings. I work shifts and have children of school age. I can make requests as to when to have days off, and inevitably, it's easier to get a free weekday evening, than a weekend.

    I have to admit, that there are far bigger things to be taken into account by race organisers, though there may be many more in my position, as we have evolved more in the direction of a twenty four hour society.

    Just a thought...
    Teggs Nose Fell Race Saturday 4th August 2018 14.30

    Simon Cartledge

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    Problem solved. All weekend races have to be out on both Saturday and Sunday, therefore allowing more people to compete. Times can then be put together to see the overall finishing positions!!! (I don't really think this will work but just a little bored with GMTV)
    @roadrunneraj #gohardorgohome

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    During the summer there's a great spread of races including midweek evening events - you could probably race every day if you so wished. The 'traditional' weekend off is becoming rarer with many people on shifts of all kinds. I'm just glad there is a good enough spread for me to fit the races in around my shifts. For me also, if I race on Saturday I can enjoy a Sunday on the bike.

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    I like saturday hill races as it allows me a day of penguin walking with doms out of sight of real people before I return to work.

    Is it meant to be this hard?

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    Re: Saturday or sunday

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders rambler View Post
    With so many people working on a saturday(myself included) these days.
    Is that really the case? Have you got any statistics to prove it? Given the changes in Sunday trading laws in recent years I would have thought that the percentage increase in Sunday working would be higher although probably not higher in terms of the actual number of people working.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders rambler View Post
    Is there any other reason,other than tradition,that so many races are held on a saturday rather than a sunday ?
    The 2008 FRA calendar contains 177 Saturday races and 160 Sunday races so the split is fairly equal.

    I much prefer racing on Saturdays.

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