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Thread: High Protein Diet

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    High Protein Diet

    I have been taking protein supplements to complement my running, it has without doubt improved my leg strength. I can now squat 120k freeweights which is pretty impressive for a 70k guy. I can also press massive weights. I'm now really fast over short distances but unproven over long distance I can kick the arse of some of the local middle distance runners at the track over here.

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    Re: High Protein Diet

    Has it had any effect on your overall body weight and on your lean mass? Just curious really, I always wonder what effect these suppliments have on your overall calorie intake and whather you need to be more careful about training enough to burn the calories off.

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    Re: High Protein Diet

    High Protein Diet!!
    If its like the one a body-building colleague is following then I have a question:

    Constipated yet or just gassing everyone??

    I'm not convinced of the merits of diets that promote an overload of a particular nutrient group. On the otherhand, taking supplements to compensate for a definite deficiency seems OK (Vit B, Zinc & Iron on top of a healthy diet for me or its mouthulcer hell: the Doc is flummoxed too).

    The weight training is probably the source of improvement, not the HP diet. You've probably come out of a training-plateau and reaped an improvement simultaneous with taking the supplement.

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    Wink Re: High Protein Diet

    Your body is a very clever set of biological systems, it will only take the protein it needs based on demand (max of 2.2g/kg lean body mass).Sounds like you are doing some effective training for the short to middle distances, focus on this.
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