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Thread: Galloway Hills Round

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    Galloway Hills Round

    I found this whilst looking for routes in and around the Galloway Hills:

    I live in Galloway so was thinking it looked a good challenge for someone who's not done this sort of thing before. Anyone on here done it or know anything of it?



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    Can't help, but if you find owt please post it here. I'd be keen for a read, only been down that way a couple of times but it's about to get a lot closer.

    Could do with a bit of inspiration to go and explore.

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    I live in Galloway and know a few guys who ran the Ring of Fire route a number of years ago. One or two of us are thinking of giving it a go next year. It's a reasonably tough route given there are few paths and the terrain underfoot is quite rough.

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    Yeah - I figured the terrain would make it pretty hard going (I know the hills and terrain quite well through work). If it's at all wet it's going to be horrendous. I'll go do some recces of parts of it over the next wee while and see how I go.

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    Did a recce of the first wee section on Friday with a planned wild camp up on the hills. Very hard going due to the terrain and weather. It was brutal on the hill tops so the camp was abandoned for a night in a bothy!

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    James. there is a contact point for Glyn Jones on the Gofar website. I am sure he can give you some info, but I imagine that the best way is exactly what you are doing and recce sections of the route prior to going for a big day out. I imagine of many of the regional routes on Gofar, that this is one of the least done as people head further up North to the Highlands. Good luck and keep us all posted with your progress.

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    Glyn actually lives and farms in a remote spot in the area so is not readily contactable. I could probably dig out a postal address from somewhere if needed - email gofar if required but suspect it could take a while to get a response!

    I had a shot at the route about 10 years ago but we got driven off the hills by wind and rain.

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    Scottish hills forum is actually a gold mine of information - lots of walk reports of the hills round there which are well documented with photos and advice on the trickier bits of navigation.

    A couple of pics showing the terrain and typical conditions. I'm sure I missed a load of good views!



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    Another good, local source of information could be Dr. Paul McClintock. He is (certainly was) a G.P. in Newton Stewart.

    Glyn Jones is a great character, but lives "below the radar", so to speak, down near the coast.

    Also try Ronald Turnbull, the author and contributor to The Great Outdoors magazine, again "below the radar" at a remote spot NE of Thornhill.
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    I did the last Bruce's Crown (Ring of fire) race some years ago and can dig up information for anyone interested. The hardest bits were some extremely tussocky sections and a forest to get through. Navigation could be challenging in places. There was a compulsory bivy point about half way for those arriving after a certain time.

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