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Thread: Coledale Horseshoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike T View Post
    Perfect weather for this yesterday - thanks to the RO and the marshals.

    Not entirely clear what was meant to happen on/around Sail - I was expecting a check point with marshals and a flagged descent to the left of those awful zig-zags - none of these that I could find. Most seemed to be contouring around to the left well before the top of Sail, but I went over the top - the amount of climb was trivial and it seemed shorter, and traversing on steep slopes is never much fun.
    I went over the top as I remembered a checkpoint there in previous years and an instruction not to use the traverse. Prior to either of those I always used the traverse line. It didn't help that there was a guy in a yellow cag standing at the top of the short climb!

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    I understand there should have been a marshal/checkpoint on top of Sail but this did not happen because of a shortage of manpower.

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    Looking forward to this one - a classic by all accounts...

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    Its a secret!
    Very tough but a smile when its completed.
    Hope the weather is kind because its treble tough in poor conditions.

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    I did it was a bit damp really enjoyed it apart from having to go to work straight after

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