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Thread: Bowland Challenge 11/12th July

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    Bowland Challenge 11/12th July

    Enter a team in the Bowland Challenge and help support Mountain Rescue.

    When: 11th - 12th July 2008
    Where: The Forest of Bowland AONB.

    The aim of the event is for teams of 2 to 6 adults to visit as many points from a list of specified grid references as possible within a 10 hour period. Which points they visit and the order they visit them is down to each team. Teams can therefore plan and choose how far they will run (or walk).

    Each specified grid reference has an associated question, with points awarded for each correct answer given.
    The team with the highest points wins.

    Entry is 35 per person. Campsite fees and evening meals are provided on the Friday and Saturday.
    In addition an Ordnance Survey map of the area will be provided.

    Proceeds from the event will go to support Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team.
    Registered Charity 511072.

    More details and an entry form can be found at

    Please forward this invitation to anyone that you feel may be interested in taking part.

    Many thanks,

    Neil Conway.
    Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    We're hoping to be there to defend our title
    But given that it's the Saunders the weekend before we're more likely to be hobbling round in last place.

    Will there be more to go at up in the hills this year?

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    It would be good to see you again, we hope that you can make it.

    The area that we have access to this year is a lot larger than the two previous years. You'll be able to run for miles on the tops.
    We're intending a lunchtime check-in point on the tops so you can maximise the time on the hills as well.


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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    Quite fancy this myself just need to sort out a partner I'll have a chat to my mate who won two years back.

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    Just 3 more weeks to go until the Bowland Challenge 2008. Hope to see plenty of you there.

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    I'm sure you will enjoy the area this year

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    Two weeks to go!
    Still time to your entry in.

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    Hopefully you've received our entry.
    Now, can you do something about the weather please...

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    Re: Bowland Challenge 11/12th

    Yes thanks, we received your entry today.
    Fingers crossed for the weather...

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