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Thread: Quechua shoes??

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    Re: Quechua shoes??

    At least I am a low mileage wuss, then

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    Re: Quechua shoes??

    I came across Quechua whilst living in France a few years back. We had a Quechua shop, about 40mins away... needless to say I brought stacks of Quechua gear... It's all cheep made-to-disintigrate crap!

    I use the 10 euro "micro fleece" as a work jumper, that's okay...

    The "Sky running" socks have no holes in them, true - but they are made of polyester - no wool mix and thus create the bestest blisters ever... More than crap then.

    I never plucked up the courage to buy any of the shoes...

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    Re: Quechua shoes??

    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    Would that be uncomfortable crap, no grip crap, falling apart crap, heavy crap or just crap crap ?

    I once bought some trainers from tescos for a fiver (it was an emergency, I was in BBC prison and had forgot my proper ones) just so I could go out for a little run.

    Now they really were CRAP

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