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Thread: Pendle Cloughs Fell Race

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    Cheers Andy
    Great seeing you out and about at various locations during the race.
    What a brilliant event, no wonder we're smiling.
    Hats off to Mark Nutter and his merry band of helpers.

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    What a race. Bloomin' brilliant day yesterday. The weather always helps but still needed to nav on some sections. Definitely be back for more next year. Well done Mark and the gang

    Calvin Ferguson - Calder Valley FR

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    Glad you all enjoyed the race - I hope it wasn't too hot and dry for you all.
    Well done to Sam Watson and Claire Nance who won their respective races.
    This year the sun shone, so I hope you all remember the route for next year when the Pendle mist returns :-)
    Great piccy from Andy Holden, by the way - cheers Andy.
    See you all next year!
    Results here:
    See the light in the night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tindersticks View Post
    “There’s nowt so queer as folk”

    This week at work I was amazed when a work colleague said she’d never had yoghurt. When I asked how is this possible for someone who is approaching 60? She shrugged her shoulders and gave no explanation.....each to their own, there’s nowt so queer as folk.

    My amazement didn’t stop with the reluctance towards yoghurt.

    Later in the week another work colleague, who confesses to be an outdoor enthusiast, dropped the bombshell that he’d never been to the Lake District. His reasoning was that he lives closer to North Wales so why travel to the Lakes? I agreed with him that Wales is beautiful and is well worth visiting time and time again. But he was having none of it when I suggested a trip to the Lakes for a change of scenery, after all he only lives in St Helens. Then I said to him, “ but isn’t the Lake District closer to you than the mountains in North Wales?”. He thought about it and simply replied, “I don’t like traveling north”......hmmmmm, there’s nowt so queer as folk.

    In our little world of fellrunning we’re spoilt for choice as far as races go, some attracting far greater numbers than others. In recent years one of best races in the calendar, Pendle Cloughs, has struggled with low numbers. Today the numbers were up from previous years, but still only 75 runners partaking, a good proportion of these being from Tod Harriers who had it as one of their champs races. Is the fellrunning community slowly starting to take note of this classic Lancashire race? Honestly this is a great race, I’m reminiscing now as I type this....even the head crushing tones of some Norwegian Death metal compilation I’m listening to can’t sour my mood.....that is until my wife popped her head around the door and politely asked, “turn that shit off, how can you listen to it”.....I reply, “I can appreciate you not liking extreme heavy metal it’s an acquired know what they say, there’s nowt so queer as folk, take today for instance, only 75 ran at Pendle Cloughs”......Alison’s reply was priceless....”play your Norwegian Death metal crap on a loud tannoy in the streets, you’ll have people flocking to the hills”.

    Pendle Cloughs: a brilliant fellrace, give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

    Norwegian Death metal: you’ll probably be in Alison’s corner and think it’s shit.....but you’ve probably tried yoghurt and been to the Lake District.
    Ha ha! Great stuff, I always enjoy your write ups Daz.

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    Are there any sets of action pictures available anywhere?
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