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Thread: Mount Famine

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    A shame this cracker clashes with the Intercounties at Lad's Leap not far over the hill (albeit, apparently, on a slightly denuded course missing out the pipe-line section and steep descent).
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    "Did you enjoy it?", asked ba-ba, who had sat down next to me on Platform 5 of Sheffield station, having noticed my Thames Hare & Hounds T-shirt and ascertained that I had also been at Mount Famine. I couldn't answer that one. What I am certain of, is that I am glad that I did it: the urge to put my strength and fitness to the test hasn't left me, and this, my first race of 2018, is probably the severest test of all-round fell-running ability available in a short race in the Peak District. There is a continual alternation of gradients, from the gentle and runnable to the desperately steep, both up and down; a variety of terrain; that bonkers start up Elle Bank; and a few hundred metres of road before the finish, just when you don't want it. The only thing that is missing is the bog monster: you have no excuse to stop moving, you can't immerse yourself thigh-deep in peat to take a rest.

    I certainly felt that I gave it everything I had; I was exhausted at the finish, and I made a rare appearance in the top half of the results list (although with the clash with Lad's Leap, the competition wasn't as fierce as last year). But did I enjoy it? Do you enjoy running at the edge, trying to do your best but not overcooking it so that you cross the pain threshold? I don't know, but I hope to be back at Mount Famine next year.
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    Excellent account, anthonykay. I found the heat added a certain extra frisson of brutality to proceedings.

    My photos can be found here for anyone interested. Flick through them fast enough and you get video.

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