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Thread: F-Lite™ 230

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    F-Lite™ 230

    Any Forumites tried these superlights yet ?
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    disco stan

    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    Not tried them, but had to put my sunglasses on.
    Electric blue or what

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    does anyone know if these have extra cushioning? the inov8 trail shoes for me just don't have enough, and i'd always prefer a road racer to something like this - lighter, more cushioning with not much less grip.

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    If you check out this link below and look at the Shock-Zone bit, you'll see the rating system that inov-8 use for their cushioning. These 230s get a 2/4.
    If you consider the comfort to weight benefits here, these are great shoes. I have only recently ran in these and only for 15miles off road but was really happy. Rise to the Challenge...

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    Yeh, but look at that sole.... Is this meant to be an off-road shoe??

    (Bet a pair of Saucony Jazz's are better off road)

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    I guess its for more of the harder, rockier terrain. More like a multi-terrain shoe. You cant complain at the soul, look at the Salomon XA Pro, that soul is as flat as a fart but yet its a hugely popular trail shoe.
    For a senior member trundler... I guess you just have a problem with inov-8? Rise to the Challenge...

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    Quote Originally Posted by martin hall View Post
    I guess you just have a problem with inov-8?
    Actually no. I've had three pairs (Mudroc 290, Mudclaw 270 and Roclite 285) I just haven't been impressed with their longevity or performance and I think the range is now just too gimmicky.

    I have to hand it to them though.. they are much better at SELLING shoes than Walsh are.

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    Ive got a pair of 285's and couldnt be happier with them myself. comfort and grip excellent!!

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    They're OK as long as it's dry and not too steep. Those nice red mesh uppers soon start to fall apart though..

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    Re: F-Lite™ 230

    I just got a pair... very blue they are too!

    So far they have tested great, but only ran on gravelly trail for a mile or so when I got them out of the box on Saturday and ran 7 kms temporun on tarmac in them this am, in the pooring rain! Grip on wet tarmac is excellent and they were FAST!

    Racing Garburn in them on Saturday, the sort ofvterrain they are designed for, as far as I understand, so will give some more feedback after that.

    Wore my trusty Mudroc290's for fell racing on Sunday, as I don't think the F-lites are up to anything too heavy or muddy or off roady, unless it is dry...

    Have to say that I love the Inov8 shoes, however I do agree that they don't last very long... I only ran about 300 kms in the 290s, and they are already falling apart!

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