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Thread: Today's Wildlife Encounter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossdog View Post
    Just back from a bivvy out last might on the summit of Carrock Fell. after 'yomping' an approximation of the Old Crown Round (Mosedale start/fin). While waiting for the trickle of water to fill my water bottles, at the boggy areas on the south-east corner of the top, I was buzzed by a couple of these...

    They seemed really tame, landing on the cotton-grass and heather thereabouts. I think I've got the ID correct. Times like that when a mobile (with a camera) would have been handy!
    Whilst on holiday last week in West Wales I managed to photograph two Golden-ringed dragonflies, one from above and one from below (sort of). As you can see, they do look a lot like what you thought you saw.

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