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Thread: Today's Wildlife Encounter

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    Jan 2015
    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    Dead badger, staring at me as I ran past on the short stretch of road between the exit from the Outwoods and the entrance to Beacon Hill Country Park. No doubt Llani Boy will be pleased to know that there is one less specimen of this vermin stalking the fields and woods of Leicestershire.
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    I also saw a dead badger in North Warwickshire on my last cycle ride. I assume it had been hit by a car in the night at a decent speed, as it was a good 10 yards from the roadside.

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    Mountains of Cheshire
    Pairs of ravens doing that courtship display thing where they fly high then swoop down together, alternating flying upside down.

    Much like that scene in Top Gun in fact.

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    White stoat (ermine) with a little black tip on it's tail - along the Pennine Way between Low and High Force. Cute.
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    Two pairs of Mandarin Ducks on the Wharfe in Otley this morning. Always have to make a joke about Duck a La Orange when I see them!
    Also a Goldcrest feeding on a coconut full of fat. Lovely little birds.

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