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Thread: Black Rocks

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    Re: Black Rocks

    yep , lots of dark peakers , I WAS OUTNUMBERED. a lone pennine fellrunner a long way from hayfield.
    still it was really warm and my vest wasnt needed and soon was disgarded on the incline.

    darth set off like a jack rabbit

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    Re: Black Rocks

    Quote Originally Posted by daz h View Post
    darth set off like a jack rabbit
    No doubt he was keen to get back for a repeat of last year's shower encounter!!

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    Re: Black Rocks

    Got it in one Geoff, and I was pumped full of glucose drink provided by that gorgeous young lady giving out Lucozade samples. Alas the showers were men only this year. I need to have a word with Ms Lee about her no show.

    I think a useful/pleasing addition to the FRA mag would be to post a page giving details of the which races the Lucozade van will be at.
    Its better to have fought and lost, than not have fought at all.

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