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Thread: Wainwright 7

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    Re: Wainwright 7

    Quote Originally Posted by blencathrafrommykitchen View Post
    Doing it as a point to point (eg starting at Coniston, finishing at Mardale/Haweswater/Pooley Bridge) could be more realistic and it could then be given the title of "TRUNDLER'S TRAVERSE"
    But, being Graeme's idea I think it would have to be a round - then it could be called 'Graeme's Girdle"

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    Re: Wainwright 7

    You cheeky b*gg*r

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    Re: Wainwright 7

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisU View Post
    There's mention of the Lakes 2500's here:
    Although this is a longer list than 'just' the Corbetts.
    Yes, and the time posted on the FRCC site is perpetuating the error that discredits Steve by 6 minutes. If you look at the original report published in the Fellrunner ( January 1985 ? ) :-
    Steve actually started at 01.06 (on the Saturday morning?) and finished at 20.01 (on the Sunday evening? ) an actual elapsed time of 42 hours 55 minutes (and 40 seconds ).
    I'm assuming that his intention had been to start at 01.00 and that this somehow clouded his calculation into posting 43-01-40 as his elapsed time.
    I only discovered this when attempting to draw up a schedule for a friend who was contemplating this round and discovered that the sum of the splits did not match the given total.
    I have in the past made Martin Stone and Bill Smith aware of this error: Only 6 minutes, but if someone was to complete in say 42-59-00 and claim to be faster than Steve, that would be erroneous!

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    Re: Wainwright 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Full Moon Addict View Post
    For example I was looking at the Rigby round in the cairngorms and couldn't help thinking that it must be possible to come up with a more pleasing route but that might mean omitting a summit or two. I'll work on that one.
    Such as Avon? Omitting that would tidy the route up - but of course spoil the Concept, and the pleasure of repeating a "Classic". I did think about adding the Munro Tops, and an intervening Corbett - it's a bit shorter timewise than the Big 3...

    rob - grey crag from longsleddale is a nice teatime or lunch run for me - much nicer than a contrived route between the other cardinals
    I could describe a nice teatime run from Peterborough, but wouldn't want to make you jealous

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    Re: Wainwright 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Full Moon Addict View Post
    The talk on the forum inspired me to have a go at this on Sunday. I completed the route solo unsupported from Ambleside going clockwise, 17 hours 45 mins.
    I hope you are planning to send an article or report to the Fellrunner about this run John. Completions of these challenges should be publicised!

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    Re: Wainwright 7


    Thanks for pointing out the error in connection with Steve Parr's 2500s round.

    There is a reference to Steve's achievement on the BG Club website which is also wrong and which I will amend when I next put through some changes.

    I discussed the 2500s with Steve in person in early 1986 before making an attempt in summer (!) 1986 which failed. Steve gave me copies of some earlier schedules from Barry Johnson I think.

    The weather was absolutely shocking; I recall Mark Fleming, Robin Jameson and myself (God, to think those 2 were pacing me) getting blown over multiple times in Windy Gap between Green and Great Gable and the rain was biblical. 50 miles in that weather was enough for me!


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