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Thread: INOV-8 and blisters

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    Re: INOV-8 and blisters

    Just be careful steaming as I ruined a pair of Mudrocs by steaming them!

    The heel lost all it's shape so they no longer held my feet properly.

    I do like the idea of the felt padding that Al recommended, seems a better option, I might have a look at these myself.

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    Re: INOV-8 and blisters

    Quote Originally Posted by Al. View Post
    I haven't read the other thread but I have found a solution to heel problems in Inov's that works for me.

    Boots sell a felt padding which is very adhesive and can be stuck directly on to the back of the heel. You may struggle if your shoes are already a very tight fit but otherwise, and as in my case, it can turn unwearable heel choppers into excellent fell shoes.

    Only a few quid and comprises of a strip which is long enough for a few pairs. Looks like this.

    It says on the packaging that you should stick it on your skin, but I stick the tape on the heel of the shoe itself. I've done loads of races, mountain marathons etc in them and it's stayed put, just maybe worn slightly and eventually needed replacing.
    I used acombination of heating the heal cup with wifes hairdryer and Boots adhesive padding. It sorted out pair of terrocs which rubbed my heals .

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    Re: INOV-8 and blisters

    Bough my first pair of mudrock 330's recently after using other inov8 shoes with no problems. First run in new shoes was a soggy 7 miler - result a whopper blister on my right heel. Tried again two weeks later with the tender fresh skin on my heel covered in duck (duct? never know which is correct) tape. Heel perfectly preserved and tape still in place after another very wet run. - Problem solved (i hope!)

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