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Thread: Today's Bike Ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Breeze View Post
    It is said that, in terms of weather, March comes in like a lion and the Garmin record for today's 36 miles (2700 feet) trip via Burnsall, Linton, Grassington, Cracoe etc showed an average temperature of 32.3 F. I suppose it was the 0.3 F that meant icicles did not form from the tears in my eyes from the cold....
    What the heck? 32.3 Fahrenheit? Surely you mean 273.317 Kelvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fellbeast View Post
    What the heck? 32.3 Fahrenheit? Surely you mean 273.317 Kelvin
    Oh yes. That sounds much warmer.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Breeze View Post
    Around Ilkley I saw dozens of cyclists but as I moved North virtually none, apart from a small group of ladies in a virtually deserted Burnsall. It was in Burnsall on my last trip out that I met a polite couple who were both riding Bottecchia bikes - the brand Greg Lemond rode, and famously in the Paris time trial when he, to my annoyance, beat Laurent Fignon to deny Laurent his third Tour.

    I guess if you ride a Bottecchia you are partly saying "look at me" (or us) which is perhaps not the case on a Boardman. Yet Boardman markets a model that retails at £2300, although whether one would recognise that out on the road is perhaps debatable.
    Yes Graham, but how many times did Boardman win the Tour de France? Ottavio Bottecchia won two, and finished second once, and he only completed the race 3 times. I've seen his 1925 race winning bike too.

    And, as I'm sure you know, he was the first Italian to win the Tour de France

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    Today: distance 48km, climb 897m, 15 hill reps.
    I'm local legend now with 54 efforts in the last 90 days (actually last 8 days), second is a guy with 27 efforts.

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