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Thread: Today's Bike Ride

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    As an aside

    I stopped going to the Cavendish Pavilion many years ago after a long ride Gaz Shaw and I asked for Cheesy beans on toast.

    We were told that the Pavillion only did cheese on toast or beans on toast

    Stuff the Duke!
    I must test that in Betty's.
    " dry as the Atacama desert".

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    Mr Strava gave me cup for being 3rd fastest over an 8k section of gravel today 💪 and only 36 seconds behind the king!
    I admit it is not the most hotly contested section, but with my age and ability I am happy to take any cups going.
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    I am always pleased to see my son but I do have mixed feelings when he invites me for a ride. After all he is doing the Fred Whitton - plus lots more things before that. He also stops at the top of climbs and when I am not looking takes pictures of me for "relive my ride".

    Coming from Otley he is nicely warmed up after the 7 miles to Ilkley and ready to blast off from my gate towards the rocks and gravel track that on maps is mendaciously referred to as Keighley Road. The descent from the mast at the watershed (River Aire or Wharfe) towards Riddlesden, and which is a tarmac road, is however a pleasant 40mph+ freewheel descent, particularly since the recent resurfacing to eliminate the potholes which used to provide added bounce to one's descent. The climb is one of Simon Warren's chosen and although it only peaks at 15%, at nearly 5000 metres (278 m) it does go on for a bit.

    Since I was on the ADVenture bike it then seemed appropriate from Riddlesden to follow the Leeds-Liverpool canal to Silsden which is so handy for the Brunthwaite Lane climb (Wharfedale Harriers' "Murder Mile" hill climb) but only after we had advised two ladies of a certain age that the "noise" they were hearing on their brand new e-bikes was the shrieking brake discs.

    Pausing to survey the splendid view at the top of Brunthwaite Lane we waited for an elderly lady to arrive on a Pennine e-bike at some speed to be informed that her e-bike tackled said climb without even breathing hard. She then extolled the virtues of e-bikes (she also had a carbon fibre, skinny tyres road bike back home so there were no questions from her for us about odd noises) for their flexibility to eg whisk you home at 15 mph when the rains came.

    She recommended that I might consider one "when I get old" - which I thought was rather sweet.

    So I am taking her to Barbados next week.

    So: son-bonding, 16 miles +1870 feet and a new friend for life. Isn't cycling great!
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