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Thread: Today's Bike Ride

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    I feel your pain on the getting cold while cycling front; Iíve had a few dodgy moments over the past 4 months including excruciatingly cold hands just from not thinking to wear gloves on a short sharp six mile blast

    My ride yesterday was the Settle Loop from home. Just over 21 miles and 2,400 feet of ascent. The Settle loop is a well known MTB trail, out over the tops towards Malham following the Dales Highway to a high point at Nappa Cross, overlooking Malhamdale and Malham Tarn, and then looping back on the Pennine Bridleway. All in all a cracking route from Horton

    And of course, like pretty much any ride around here, a humdinger of a hill climb was included too, up Mitchell Lane out of Settle - with my HR chest strap on, I hit 174 bpm

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    Quote Originally Posted by molehill View Post
    Thanks for that advice, I shall certainly be looking into some proper gear once the new bike arrives - scheduled build in a weeks time, so getting closer.
    Proper gear will be functional rather than Italian cool like Graham B, I would never pull that off as too many years a ultra scruffy fell runner. Can't dress up a cart horse to look like a race horse, even on a plastic bike!
    As someone who would describe their fashion style as Nuovo Scarecrow, I can understand your position. The good news is that Aldi and Lidl have a cycling event every year, and their tops (but not their shorts) are decent, if not the highest quality, and I've bought a couple.

    There is more good news. In January 1992 I bought a load of clothing in a famous bike shop's January sale - including the Cinelli top in my avatar. 29 and a bit years later I still have all of the tops, and still use them regularly - they really do last a long time

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    Of course, if you wanted to go out today and make Graham jealous

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    I've seen the lidl cycling stuff, in fact I bought my cycle work stand from there over a year ago and it's just fine for all my needs. And was cheap.
    Thanks for reminding me to keep an eye out for their cycling week.

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    Just a modest 9 miles back from Guiseley Halfords having recovered my Boardman ADV from a first service with 1400 miles on the Garmin. And of course a new freewheel under warranty.

    So now looking forward to rain when I keep the blue bike in its heated thermal jacket and tackle Yorkshire's Grimmest Climbs on the ADV. Where I am relaxed about those things with engines on climbs above 20% as long as they are zipping up and along at 15 mph.

    It does give one such an incentive
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