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Thread: Pen Y Fan results

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    Pen Y Fan results

    A close race, but the usual blistering descent from Mark Palmer saw him win for the third year running.
    1st Man Mark Palmer (Mynydd Du) 00:34:11
    2nd Man Charles Sykes (Swindon) 00:34:23
    3rd Man William Horsley (Northumberland Fell Runners) 00:34:30
    1st V40 Man Martin Callaghan (Ludlow) 00:44:20
    1st V50 Man Stephen Littlewood (Hereford Couriers) 00:46:43
    1st V60 Man Gary Gunner (Croft Ambrey) 00:49:41
    1st Lady Sharon Woods (Mynydd Du) 00:51:51***
    2nd Lady Emily Gibson (Swansea Uni) 00:53:51
    1st V40 Lady Hanneke Van der Werf (Mynydd Du) 00:55:20
    1st V60 Lady Sally Law (Unattached) 00:55:32
    1st Local Michael Keddle, 19th place, 00:44:00
    Team prize went to the Gurkha Rifles, who have popped over from Brunei for the Brecon Fans races:
    Tulasi Gurung 8th, Shankar Magar 9th, Bejaya Tamang 13th, Total points 30, Total time: 01:59:26

    *** how spooky is this... Sharon, wearing number 51, came in 51st place, in a time of 51:51.

    Full results and piccies will be on later, or tomorrow latest.

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    Re: Pen Y Fan results

    full results and loads of piccies now on web site.
    Fan Y Big results by wednesday I hope - cracking race today! I heaved my guts out all round the summits, trying to keep up with leading Gurkin despite injuries and unfitness, and failed! Mark P superstar smashed record for 2 wins in two days. And my mother in law beat a Gurkha.

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    Re: Pen Y Fan results

    thanks very much to the two race organisers for a terrific weekend of fell running. Two great races with some awesome views once you got to the tops. The Brecon Baecons have certainly got some dramatic looking hills, I espscially enjoyed the final bit of the climb on saturdays race looking up at that big lump of rock towering above, didn't enjoy the descent quite so much!
    I think there'll definitely be another contingent from Essex coming back for next years races.
    thanks andrew

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