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Thread: Walsh Sizing

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    Walsh Sizing

    I was thinking of buying my first ever pair of Walshes via tinterweb and need a rough idea of what size to get get. I'm currently running in Mizuno Wave Harriers at Size 10 and Inov8 290's at 9.5. Anyone any info?



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    Re: Walsh Sizing

    Hi Derek,

    Walshes seem to be made fairly small. I have a pair of Walsh PB trainers that I bought ages ago and rarely use, probably because I should have got them at least a half-size bigger. I tend to be a size 10 in regular shoes, and my Walsh PB's are 10.5 - should have gone with an 11 I think, whereas my Inov8 Mudclaw 330s are size 10.5 and they fit me fine. I tend to go for size 11 in road shoes (Asics, Mizuno).

    My guess is that you'll need a size 10, possibly a 10.5. If it helps, you can try on my size 10.5 Walshes, and you can take them away if they fit! Message me if that's any use.

    I thought they were OK at the Carnethy 5 in 2007, but prefer my Inov8s now (noting caveat above about correct sizing!).


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