Hi All,

Thanks to Blencathrafrommywindow (Penruddock?) I went to the Shap NB shop and got a pair for 35.00, absolutely great!

They are a Walsh copy but with a bit of NB technology ie: a bit of what feels like sobothane in the heel making descending on hard ground easier and a re-inforced heel cup giving better stability/ less roll when contouring.

The studs are pretty much the same but feel like a sticky rubber and the wet rock performance is better than Walsh I didn't notice any downside with grip and it was very wet today in the lakes today.

I am emotionally attached to Walsh but have a problem with sizing, my originals due to the width of my feet were like flippers and got the boot having almost legged me over several times on the Waltz and my Ultras, even though my toes kill on steep descents, allow my foot to roll too much particularly when contouring.

The bad news is the NBs, I understand, are being discontinued. The good news is they are a real bargain, I'm ringing round to see if I can locate a second pair tomorrow.