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Thread: Mont Blanc race- Media reports

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    Mont Blanc race- Media reports

    I never cease to be amazed at the lack of media interest in our endurance mountain runners. Yes, from time to time, the press take an interest but most of the time incredible records go unoticed. So for all those taking part in the Mont Blanc race September 2008 well done and especially to a British runner Lizzy Hawker 14th overall and first woman home. Lizzy has a number of firsts in endurance mountain races (Davos, Zermatt to name but two) but how many sports journalists know about it? She does however have a blog which I found interesting.

    Thankfully, our endurance athletes themselves don't seem to be concerned about the lack of coverage but wouldn't it be nice for the wider public to hear about their epic achievements?

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    Re: Mont Blanc race- Media rep

    I Agree. Apart from 1 or 2 articles in the likes of runner’s world, these amazing athletes get very little recognition and no funding. I had a chat with Lizzy (I was lucky enough to meet her in our Hotel) and she is an amazingly quiet and modest person. In Europe people ask for her autograph, here no one knows who she is. Not that she seams particularly bothered by this. Celebrity truly is a miss used word. She should be celebrated here, unlike some other so called celebrities that are famous for being drunk. She is a true inspiration.

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