I'd p.m. hobbit bother he's got all the details, all I know is he's setting off on midnight on the 26th May going clockwise and should be in Wasdale by 13:00 on the 27th.
There is another person attempting at the same time with there own pacers and they are going help each other until one cracks

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How! How man! Ye lot! Hobbins, Britta, Baggins! What gives?

I'm a fully paid up member of aforementioned Lake District club for 2006.

Can someone p.m. who's doing what and when. I'd like to trot around handing out jelly babies and flappy jackie to BG enthusiasts, perhaps reciting them with some encouraging poetry...

(P.S. Is one of these a psyeudonym for Dux de Lux or Fleetwood Mac, don't know if they rejoined after the website nuclear fallout...)