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Thread: Running with a broken wrist

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    Re: Running with a broken wris

    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffB View Post
    Hi Ali,

    Are you having any physio? I've got a bruised ankle bone at the moment (not run since Mickleden Straddle - good Edale preparation!), and I'm having something like Pulsed Short Wave Treatment (I think). Apparently it's supposed to help healing of bones. Don't know if it would be of any use to you, though.

    Get well soon. See you at Edale? (We can jog around together at the back!)

    Hi Geoff,

    I'm back in the ozzie in 2 weeks so I'll ask about that. Don't mind paying if it heals quicker.

    Aye, see you at Edale. Good idea!

    Cheers, Ali

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    Re: Running with a broken wris

    I think you should wrap yourself up in cotton wool Ali!!

    Get well soon and hope you get good weather for the next month!

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    Re: Running with a broken wris

    Speedy recovery vibes!!
    I managed to be pretty active with a forearm cast on for six weeks.
    Enjoyed some X training: aerobics/circuits as well as running.
    The eternal advice of "listening to your body" seems a good idea: if it's agony, it doesn't seem a great idea!

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    you don't wanna know

    Re: Running with a broken wris

    Quote Originally Posted by Ali View Post
    Has anyone any experience/advice on running with a broken wrist with lower arm in a cast?

    Obviously my bat running is out for 4-6 weeks but is there any reason I can't run on the flat?

    Cheers, Ali
    yeah it involves beer and telly and lot's of REST..

    just what ever you do don't make your arm sweat as you will know about it when they remove the cast?
    penguins happy feet :w00t:

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