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Excellent question.

I “engineered” it with step-ups in mind (it is reinforced with 2x4 inside), but having given it a few ginger leaps, I’m hopeful I can use it for plyo jumps as well.

I was planning on making something a bit more flash, but when fate hands you six identical square former-cupboard-doors…
I would recommend plyometric jumps, as they are a dynamic exercise which is more closely related to running. Step-ups and squats are good, but they're a bit of a blunt instrument compared to plyometrics.

There's a whole lot of information on plyometrics, but if you had another box you could do one where you jump off the first box to the floor and immediately up to the second box. Note: There is some technique in this, so I would practice on 2ft x 2ft paving slabs on bricks first of all.

If your carpentry isn't as good as Skipchris' you could get a supply of 2ft x 2ft concrete slabs (there's usually someone giving old ones away locally) and try step-ups and plyometric jumps