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Thread: week after xmas

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    week after xmas

    In the week after xmas i am organising an outing up the fells for a few mates. Some of these mates are not necessarily fellrunners so it wont be mega long.
    Will probably be based at Glenridding to take advantage of the cafes afterwards.
    Will be around a 3-4 hour run with an option to cut short if weather is truly awful of if people just prefer a couple of hours.
    Will be on either 31, 30 or 29th Dec 2008 starting at 10 - 1030 ish.
    The finer details wil be decided nearer the time and when various people have got back to me with which dates they can and cant do.

    Any forumites interested in joining us will be most welcome along
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    Re: week after xmas

    I'm home that week so would be interested if the pace was not too aggressive. Let me know the right time nearer the day and I'll be there.

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    Re: week after xmas

    I'm in the Lakes that week so might tag along if that's ok. I'll see how I go at Xmas in the Fells first (been ill recently, so your pace might be a bit too hot for me at the moment!)

    (it might be too hot anyway...)

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    Re: week after xmas

    This is the plan then.

    Get to Glenridding for 10am, meet at the visitor centre building inmain carpark ready to start run at 1030.

    Mile and a bit on the road through Patterdale leaving the road at Deepdale Bridge for the footpath South, becoming SouthWest onto Hartsop above How and Hart Crag.

    Little hop from Hart Crag to Fairfield then drop down to Grisedale Tarn.
    This is where decisions are made to either
    go back to Glenridding direct via the various paths in the Grisedale Valley


    Continue up to Dollywagon and Nethermost Pikes, topping out at Helvellyn then home via the Triathlon route, Lower Man, Whiteside bank, zig zag path, eventually to the YHA and unfortunately that concrete road back into the village.

    Overall run time is think will be between 4 and 5 hours. I am basing this guess on a run I did back in September which took 3:19 but took the St Sunday Crag route to Fairfield.

    Pace will be as slow as necessary to ensure noone ends up alone at the back.

    So far theres three of us definitely going but decent weather will hopefully see half a dozen more turn up.

    In the cafe afterwards i shall be playing carols on the didgerydoo and doing on of those massive paintings on the wall.
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    Re: week after xmas

    What day is this planned for?

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    Re: week after xmas

    Good question

    Tuesday 30th December 2008
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